Style Guide

These are simply just guidelines for what I think works best for my style of photography.

Picking outfits can be stressful! Just remember to have fun, keep it simple, and be yourself.

Things that work well in photographs:

  • Wear neutral colors – white, cream, tan, black, dusty blue, caramel, there are neutrals of every color! Just try choosing a pastel color instead of something bright or bold.
  • If you're doing a couples session, try picking outfits that compliment each other instead of matching.
  • Wear different textures.
  • Bring layers, like a jean jacket or a cozy sweater.
  • Wear flowy things- Flowy dresses and skirts can be so pretty in photographs.
  • Bring comfortable shoes! This is super important! To get an awesome view we may have to walk through rocks, hills, or just uneven ground. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes to walk in if you plan on wearing heels.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid fluorescent/neon colors – they can distract from your skin tone in the photo.
  • Avoid distracting patterns that are super bold – don’t get me wrong I love patterns and prints, but keep the pattern simple for photos.
  • Avoid vertical stripes – they can be unflattering and do not translate well in photographs.
  • Avoid big watches, rubber bracelets and distracting jewelry.
  • Avoid large logos on clothing.
  • Avoid matching each other – for example both wearing white tops and black bottoms. It can come across cheesy in photos. If you are wearing a light top, have the other person try wearing a darker top.

Here are some examples from my work

Couples Gallery

Check out my portfolio


I hope this helps. Again these are all just suggestions and not rules.
Please email me photos if you have any questions :)